Sunday, July 4, 2010

Project pages and new Blogs

Over the past few years I've published several pages about some of my experiences trying to put together different projects related to electronics, particularly using microcontrolles and one of my hobbies:  retrocomputing.

I've been always convinced that sharing and teaching what you learn is a way to keep learning, to find others with common interest and exchange experiences, ideas. No doubt, being an Internet pioneer, I always loved to use the network for that purpose, in the old days it was just electronic mail and FTP, later we had archie, gopher, WAIS, the noisy USENET News, but the big bang was "The Web".

Maintaining several sites in the old fashion way was becoming a big time consuming effort, time that I'd prefer to use to develop and publish new projects and comments about what I learn or find interesting in this constantly evolving field of digital electronics, microcontrollers and networking.

So then, I decided to upgrade myself to Web 2.0+.

The old plain HTML project pages do not exist anymore, I'm gradually moving all the content and in the process updating it to Blogger, but to facilitate indexing and keep my brain organized I'm splitting the content in three different blogs:

  • Electronics Projects, Reviews and Gossip
    The "official" LJCV Electronics Blog, for products and services I develop through LJCV, and general comments, reviews and news in the electronics industry.
    I'll also post here announcements if I publish something new somewhere else.
  • eProjects
    For all detailed electronic projects related to microcontrollers, embedded networking, mods, etc.
  • ReTr0ByTeS
    Dedicated to retrocomputing experiences, old computers, calculators, instruments, components, etc.
I hope you find the new format and content useful, and as always if you have comments or suggestions feel free to drop me a line.

Best Wishes